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Narcissists have no inner sense of value. They get their value from the external world. Which is known as narcissistic supply. And that is why they attach to people. Because they're trying to fill this endless void inside of them. They feel like they have no value. So they have to get narcissistic supply. To compensate for their fragile ego. And they do that through receiving compliments and praise. By taking your money. By having a big house and an expensive car. By living in the right neighbourhood. By having the right friends. Because all of these things feed their ego. It makes them feel special and important. By giving them an external sense of value. But they also get supply from devaluing you. From judging and criticising you.

It gratifies the narcissist, because it gives them a sense of control. It makes them feel like they're better than you. Which feeds the beast. It gives them supply. And that is the reason why they targeted you. Because they believed that they could get supply from you. They expected you to be kind and generous. They expected you to help them. They expected you to give them an external sense of value. Your value to them is based on what you can give to them. It doesn't have anything to do with you as a person. They don't really care about you. It's all about how you can make them better and greater. By having the right physical appearence. Or the right contacts. Or by having money and power. And material possessions. Because they can't connect to you.

They lack empathy. So they can't care about you as a person. Your value is based on what you can give to them. And as long as you're bringing value to them, they will keep you around. Because they still have a use for you. But if you reject them, you will be cutting off their supply. You will be taking away their external sense of value. Which will be difficult for them to accept. And it will make it difficult for you to progress in a positive manner. Because when you leave a narcissist, it will cause a narcissistic injury. And they will become very afraid. But it will also make them very angry. So they will begin to throw temper tantrums like a two year old child. They will yell at you. They will lie. They will try to intimidate you. They will make unrealistic demands. They will start a smear campaign. They will try to turn everyone against you. They will make threats. They will stalk and harass you. And they may even become violent. Because they can't deal with rejection.

It's their greatest fear. So rejecting the narcissist is the worst thing you could do to them. Which is why, if you do that, they will come after you. They will try to punish you. They will try to take revenge. Because in their minds, you humiliated them. You made them look bad. You abandoned them without help and support. But I still recommend rejecting the narcissist and going no contact. Because it will be worse if they're still in your life. They will just cause even more problems for you. And they may even try to come back. They may try to lovebomb you again. Because they can't deal with rejection. They can't be alone with themselves, because they don't have any value. So they may try to find a way to come back. But don't fall for it. You've already seen how they can be.

So don't expect them to change. Don't expect things to get better. Because they're always going to be this way. They can only pretend and put on an act. They can show you whatever they think you want to see. But it isn't real. They lack empathy. They don't really care about you. And as long as they're around you, you're always going to feel neglected. You're always going to feel like they don't see you. Like you don't really matter to them. Like something else is more important to them. You're always going to feel lonely. You're always going to feel like you're missing something.

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