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The SHOCKING Reason Why Narcissists Disappear

They chased after you in the beginning. They hunted you down. And then suddenly they disappeared. Without any warning. Without any confrontation. They pursued you in the beginning because they had this idealised image of you in their minds. They believed that you were everything they wanted. So they made a genuine effort to secure you. But it was because they had a hidden motive. They were going after what they wanted. And there's nothing wrong with wanting something. But they were not a suitable recipient of a relationship. They just went after you impulsively and recklessly. Without any long-term objectives. Which is how they could change from one moment to the next. If you do one thing they don't like, they're gone. Because they have an overly critical point of view.

But they make assumptions without any evidence or logical explanation. Which is why they're so unpredictable. You never know what's going to happen. Because it's not based on sound reasoning. It's like a roll of the dice. A flip of the coin. It's based on whatever they feel in that moment. Because they lack intellect and mental capacity. They haven't learned anything from past situations. So they don't know how to explain or justify things with logical reasons. Everything is done on a whim. And they just expect you to go along with it. Because they're pursuing you in the beginning. Because they admire your qualities and abilities. But they also envy the very same things that they admire about you. And once they've taken everything that they wanted from you, that is when they will ghost you. Because while they were with you, they were breadcrumbing other people. They were giving them small morsels of interest. An occassional message or phone call. They were keeping their options open. Which is what they will later do to you after they've ghosted you. So that you're there if they need you. If something goes wrong with whoever else they're dealing with. And they won't even have to wait. Which is why it may seem like everything is going well with the narcissist. You're talking about the future. You're making plans. They're introducing you to their family. And then suddenly they disappear. Because something else has caught their eye. They're always looking for the bigger better deal. They're always looking for the next shiny new toy. And they always feel like they're missing out. Even though things may have been good with you in the beginning. Because they think that things may be better somewhere else. So they will ghost you. And they will leave without any explanation. Because they have to move fast.

Before someone else gets to them first. It doesn't mean that they don't like you. It just means that they think they've found a better opportunity. Something that is more interesting. Because they get bored easily. So they need constant entertainment. Which is why although you may have felt like you were establishing something with them. They will disappear without any warning. Because they're always involved in other situations. They're always looking at what other people have. Or at what other people are doing. Because they always feel like they're missing out on something. So you will never know where you stand with them. They will always have one foot in one foot out. They will never be dedicated to you or anyone else. Which is why you will be left in a state of confusion. But they will always twist it and blame you. So that they use it as an excuse for leaving you. But now they've decided to give you another chance. When really, the person they left you for wasn't as great as they expected them to be. So the reason why they disappeared is because you were about to figure them out. It's either that or they found someone else. And they were never really committed to you.

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