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The Only Way To Outsmart The Narcissist

Everyone wants to outsmart the narcissist. After everything they've done to you. You want nothing more than to defeat them. Than to give them a taste of their own medicine. But very few people have been able to accomplish that. Because narcissists have no limits. They lack empathy. They have no sense of right and wrong when it comes to their own behaviour. And they have an exaggerated sense of their own abilities and importance. So they're highly equipped to fight against anything that you might throw at them. And they have nothing to lose. So they're willing to go all out to destroy you. They would rather sink the ship and force you to drown with them. Than to let you win. They will do anything to take you down, even if they have to destroy themselves in the process. Because they have a massive ego. They can't deal with failure. So they will do whatever it takes to defeat you. So that they win. And they know exactly how to do that. By provoking fear and shame within you. By resurfacing your pain and insecurities. Because they've been studying you for a long time.

They already know your weaknesses and vulnerabilities. So you're never going to beat them at that game. You're never going to defeat them with your ego. Because then you would have to have no limits as well. You would have to surrender your morals and virtues. And to do that you would have to create your own false self. You would have to inflate your own ego. And then whoever has the biggest ego would win. Your ego would have to consume you. It would have to destroy everything that you once were. Everything that you used to be. Or else the narcissist would win. Which would be a difficult thing to accomplish. And it's not going to be good for you. Because you're going to lack consciousness and awareness. You're not going to feel like yourself. You're going to be acting out of character. In a way that is not aligned with your values and principles. And it is your character that gives you strength. Your power comes from what you value and believe in. So don't let the narcissist change who you are. Don't let them change how you operate and function. Because when you do that, you're giving them your power. You're letting them dictate how you're going to react. And how you're going to feel about a situation. You don't have to let one experience define you. You don't have to let it make you angry and bitter. Get back to yourself. Get back to doing things that you enjoy. Because that is how you outsmart the narcissist. They want you to spend all of your time thinking about how you're going to outsmart them. The last thing they want is for you to start focusing on yourself. But that is what you need to do. You need to focus on making yourself better. So that they can no longer affect you. Because you can't control the narcissist. Even if you do manage to get one over on them, they might not even be aware of it. They might not even notice. Because they're so wrapped up in themselves. They're not concerned about anyone else. And even if they do notice, they're just going to play the victim. They're going to gather all of their flying monkeys. And tell them that you did something to them. It's not going to turn out well for you. The only way to outsmart the narcissist is by reflecting on yourself. And looking at what you can do differently, so that this doesn't happen again. We need to focus on moving forward. We can't spend the rest of our lives in the past. We can't blame them forever.

At some point, you have to look at yourself so that you can make the necessary changes. Because when you do that, you will begin to feel better. You will begin to understand what you need. And you won't even care about the narcissist. You won't even be trying to outsmart them. Because when you know you're smarter than them, you don't even need to do that. You don't need to prove anything. Because you already know you're right. Sometimes we think we want to prove something to people, but really we just want to prove something to ourselves. So instead of experiencing it vicariously through the narcissist, go and prove it to yourself. You don't need their permission. Enjoy your life. We're only here for a limited time. So we shouldn't waste our time worrying about things that have happened in the past. Things that we can't change. We can only learn from those things so that we can create a better future for ourselves.

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Dec 16, 2022

Hey Christopher. You're right about how a narcissus has a very strong sense of their importance and their ego is huge. Even if they're pretending to be small like covert narcissists do. They think they're better than you. They think you are an absolute idiot next to them. Just a convenient source. But, the one thing that the people they are attracted to don't tell them is that they can be just as ruthless as they can. An empath wouldn't choose to be ruthless. Until... Sure, we let them push our buttons. The thing is, that can only last a short time before we realize exactly how much we are allowing them to do that. Then, it's just up t…

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