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The Difference Of A Victim Discarding A Narcissist

Normally the narcissist will discard their victim. Once they've drained their victim of all of their energy and resources. Once their victim has nothing left to give. That is when the narcissist will discard you. But maybe you managed to beat the narcissist to the punch. Maybe you discarded them. But now you are wondering if you did something wrong. Maybe you feel like there is now no difference between you and the narcissist. Because you did something that they usually do. Which is why I decided to create this video. I want to provide clarity to you. I want to remove your fears and doubts. I want to confirm to you that you did the right thing by leaving them. When a victim leaves the narcissist, it's because they've become too difficult to deal with. They're no longer able to be endured or tolerated. They're constantly causing discomfort and unhappiness to you. Where you no longer want to be around them. The victim will not usually stay with the narcissist until they meet someone else.

They will just leave on their own and then be by themselves. Because the narcissist has become too unpleasant to be around. So they would rather be alone. The difference with the narcissist is that they won't leave you, unless they already have someone else lined up. Unless they already have another source of supply. Which is why even if you've been with a narcissist for 5 or 10 years, they will be with someone else within a couple of weeks. And then within a few months they're getting married and having children. It just makes you wonder, how could it happen so fast? Because what you don't know is that they were already involved with that person while they were with you. They may have known them years before you found out about them. That's how they got into a relationship so quickly. That's how they got married within a few months. Because the narcissist already knew that person. Narcissists always leave their victims to be with someone else. They're not going to leave so that they can be alone. Narcissists can't be alone. While the victim will leave the narcissist to be by themselves. They will leave the narcissist because they desire peace. What really confuses victims after they discard the narcissist, is when the narcissist plays the victim. They act like you've doing something wrong. They act like you're abandoning them without help or support. Because that's exactly what they do to their victims. They're self absorbed and they lack empathy. But they refuse to recognise these traits within themselves. Instead they project everything that they believe to be undesirable about themselves on to their victims. Which is why when you leave the narcissist, they will usually have a long list of things they claim to be undesirable about you. Which is really just projections of things they hate about themselves. But they can't see that they're actually describing themselves in that list. Because they lack introspection and they refuse to take accountability. Which is often the reason why they will discard their victims. Because their victim is questioning and confronting them. Their victim keeps putting a mirror infront of them. And the narcissist doesn't like the reflection they see of themselves. So when the narcissist discards you, they're usually just running from everything they hate about themselves.

Everything that they know to be undesirable or unwanted. And when they leave their victims, they're always looking for something which in their minds is bigger and better. Because after they've been around you long enough, anything is going to seem better to them. Because by nature, they destroy everything that they're around. They have to do that to survive emotionally. And once they've ran you into the ground, they're on to the next shiny new toy. They're on to the next bigger, better deal. So that they can do the same thing again. The cycle always repeats itself. They leave you once they've broken you down, or they leave you to break you down. While the victim only leaves the narcissist because they've had enough. Not because they've drained the narcissist of anything. Not because they want to be with someone else. But because they just don't want to deal with narcissist's BS anymore.

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