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Read This Before You Leave The Narcissist

When you decide to leave the narcissist, you must leave in the right way. You must have a plan of action that is designed to achieve a long-term and overall aim. Many victims will tell the narcissist that they are planning to leave. They tell them that something is wrong. And they're not willing to tolerate it anymore. But that is the worst thing that you can do. Because you're exposing your intentions and objectives. You're exposing yourself to criticism and failure. And narcissists are very suspicious. They're always looking for clues to figure out your next moves. Because they always have to be ten steps ahead of you. They're always watching you. They're always studying you. So that they can identify what's going on in your mind.

If they think that you're planning on leaving them, they will start arguments for no reason. So that they can get you to react and open up to them. Because some of you will tell them what's on your mind. You will tell them that you don't want to deal with them anymore. And then they will know why you've been acting differently. They will know that you're on to them. They will know that you're planning on leaving them. So don't fall for their arguments. Don't feed into it. Don't tell them how you really feel. Because they're only doing that to get you to reveal your plans and intentions to them. And if you do that, you will be giving them an advantage. You will be giving them ways to make it difficult for you.

Some of them may steal your money and possessions. Some of them will physically attack you. They will do anything to get a reaction out of you. So that they can set you up. So that they can drag you through the courts. Which is why you should never reveal your plans and intentions to them. You shouldn't react to them. You shouldn't take the bait. Because by doing that, you're exposing what you're planning to do. And then they will try to punish you. They will try to get revenge. Which they might do even after you leave them. Especially if you continue to stay in contact with them. If you do that, there's just going to be even more betrayal and deception. It's going to get worse.

They will put on an act. But the worst thing for the narcissist is for you to get away without suffering any punishment or injury. Without them being able to damage you. They hate that. So they will do whatever it takes to get you back. They will lovebomb you. They will give you a fake apology. Because they have to stay close to be able to damage you. Which is why you cannot be friendly with the narcissist. You will never be a friend to a narcissist. They will always be your enemy. So you have to treat them that way. Because they're intending to do harm by hurting your feelings and reputation.

They're not just going to let you walk away. If you're not going to be with them, they're going to make you pay.Which is why you can't be friends with their family or anyone else who associates with them. Because they will all unite as a group against you. You have to cut them all off. If you continue to engage with them, they're just going to see that as a weakness. And they're going to take advantage of that weakness. You're never going to defeat them by doing that. You can only defeat them by being strong. By being too much for them to deal with. Until they don't want any conflict with you anymore.

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Oct 17, 2022

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