Narcissists Need Excessive Admiration

Narcissists Need Excessive Admiration. Narcissists need to be regarded with respect or warm approval at all times. They need to be looked at with pleasure, as something impressive or attractive. If you look at the nine traits of NPD from the DSM5. Every trait seems to reflect the fact that they require excessive admiration. One of the traits is that they require excessive admiration. I am going to go into the nine traits right now and how this relates to their excessive need for admiration.

Arrogance & Domineering

Narcissists are arrogant. They will often reveal an exaggerated sense of their own importance or abilities. I believe that the reason for this is because deep down they are deeply insecure about themselves.


They feel superior to you. They feel that their traits and talents are superior. Again, I believe that the reason for this is because they are actually deeply insecure about themselves. They have an inferiority complex. They secretly doubt their importance or abilities. They do not believe that their traits and talents are as great as they display them to be. It's almost like there is an internal battle where on one hand they don't really believe they are any good, but then they compare themselves to other people and they understand what the world wants to see. So it's like they are fighting with that negative belief of themselves.

Preoccupation With Success & Power

Narcissists have high expectations of themselves, they do not expect to fail. They have ambitions of achieving success and power as they believe that this will provide them with the attention and admiration they so desperately crave.

Lack Of Empathy

This is what makes narcissists so dangerous. It can be hard to detect but it puts everyone around them at risk of some form of harm. Whether it's psychological, emotional or physical harm. They also have lack of remorse and a lack of guilt. I believe that the reason why narcissists have a lack of empathy is because they are hurt. Hurt people hurt people. In some area of their lives the narcissist is not satisfied or fulfilled in some way and until that need is met, there is no possibility of them simply learning how to empathise with other people.

The problem is narcissists cannot be satisfied or fulfilled. The narcissist is like a cup with a hole at the bottom. If you imagine trying to fill up the cup, it would never be full, it would just leak out at the bottom. It's the same thing with the narcissist.

Belief Of Being Unique

They have this belief that not a lot of people have things in common with them. They are different to everyone else, they are special. This reflects on their excessive need for admiration. They cannot just be like everyone else, or blend in with all of the other people. They have to stand out, they have to be noticed for all of their amazing abilities, traits and talents.

Sense Of Entitlement

The narcissist believes that they deserve certain privileges or special treatment.

I believe that the reason for this is because they constantly compare themselves to other people and believe that they have missed out on a lot of things, earlier in life. If you could look into the narcissist's past, you may actually discover that they did miss out on something that they were entitled to, maybe to someone who was less deserving. This may have been identified by them as a form of special treatment. Remember these traits are most often learned from their environment.

Requires Excessive Admiration

The topic of this video. Yes narcissists have the need to be excessively admired or looked up to by others. They also believe that they deserve this admiration, as they believe that they deserve special privileges.


Narcissists have a defining characteristic of being exploitative. They will use people for their own gain or advantage. I believe that their exploitative nature is fuelled by their lack of empathy. Their urge for engaging in exploitation is a serious threat and poses as a danger for society and those around them.

Envious Of Others

Narcissists have a tendency to be envious of other people. They are envious of other people's progress or success. They are envious of their satisfaction or fulfilment in any aspect of their lives. They are of course, envious of any attention or admiration that other people receive, as they believe that was meant for them. This goes back to their arrogance and entitlement.

Those are the nine traits of NPD, Narcissistic Personality Disorder. I'm sure you can see that they most definitely do require excessive admiration. Now I'm going to talk about social media and how this relates to their need for excessive admiration. I believe that social media is even teaching people to become more narcissistic. People seem to have this obsession with uploading selfies, trying to get as many friends, followers and likes as they can. They will even pay a lot of money to have their page promoted.

It seems that attention and admiration is a form of currency more valuable than money. And we can already the effects that this is having on the world. People are now competing with each other for attention and admiration. They are resorting to more desperate and extreme measures, anything to be noticed. People are having plastic surgery, doing whatever it takes to compete for that admiration. They are self-absorbed and lack empathy, so they are willing to step on other people to get what they want.

Why are they so desperate for attention and admiration? I believe this goes back to their childhood. They were most likely neglected as children by their parents. A parent is supposed to give their child attention, admiration, validation and approval. If not by their parent, then at least someone else in their family or their environment. The problem is, the narcissist as a child did not have anyone to attend to their emotional needs. They did not have anyone to show them love or kindness. They did not have anyone to admire, validate or approve of them.

This was very traumatising for the child as we all need attention, admiration, validation and approval especially at that age. This trauma within the narcissist has led them to become very self-absorbed, they only care about themselves, they only care about their own needs. The reason for this is because no matter how much attention, admiration, validation and approval they receive, it's never enough, it never satisfies or fulfills them. As we grow older into adults, we are supposed to attend to ourselves, we are supposed to validate and approve of ourselves.

Narcissists is always seeking validation externally. Narcissists will even fake interest in people who they are not even attracted to. It doesn't feel awkward or uncomfortable for them to do this because they do not care about people anyway. Remember, they are self-absorbed and lack empathy. All they care about is what they want in that moment and what they want is attention and admiration. I believe that narcissists will often flirt and fake interest in people who they are not attracted to, because they have a fear of rejection. They will lead them on because they do not see a human being with feelings.

They see people as objects and they in that moment they are basically using that object to extract what they want from it, attention and admiration. Their fear of rejection is so great that they will even arrogantly lie to themselves that the person is interested in them. And this is when they can become obsessed stalkers. If the narcissist is aware that you do not admire or approve of them. You do not see them the way they want you to see them, as this image of perfection. This could cause a narcissistic injury.