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Narcissists Have Nothing To Lose

Narcissists engage in extreme behaviour because they have nothing to lose. They feel that their situation will not be any worse if they engage in extreme behaviour. They feel that they cannot make things any worse than they already are. Which is very sad when you think about it. The reason why we don't do what they do is because we experience empathy for other people. And also we experience fear. But that doesn't mean we're afraid of the narcissist. We're afraid of what further engagement with them would cause us to become. We're afraid of what we might lose. Because we have something to lose. While narcissists are not afraid to lose anything. Because they have nothing to lose. Which is why they're not afraid to engage in hostile behaviour. But if you have a lot to lose, you understand that you're not supposed to live in the way that they do. Because it could cause you to lose favour or a position of power or honour. It could cause you to experience results and effects that are unwelcome and unpleasant. But narcissists do not have this fear.

Even the ones who claim to believe in God. They're not afraid to behave badly. They're not afraid to abuse you. Because they have nothing to lose. So they don't really believe in God. They don't believe in anything. If they did, they would fear losing that which they believe in. The reality is that they're just lying about believing in something. They don't really believe in anything. They don't value relationships. Which is why they're not afraid to be aggressive towards you. Because they have no fear of losing you. They're used to unstable relationships. They're not comfortable with stability. So they already expect it to end. Which is why they have nothing to lose. Which is why they engage in such extreme behaviour. Because they're already so miserable and dissatisfied with their lives. It can't get any worse for them. So they have no incentive to act right or to do good. While you may be afraid of being mean or causing pain and suffering to other people... Because it would affect your reputation.

It might affect the beliefs and opinions that people hold of you. Which is another thing that you can lose. But narcissists don't have an identity. They will shapeshift into different identities to achieve the result that they want. Narcissists aren't really that worried about their reputation. Because when things get difficult, they will abandon the situation and find a new reputation somewhere else. Because they don't hold any beliefs or opinions of themselves. So they could change their entire lives at any moment. Which means that they don't have anything to lose. They're not committed to anything. There's no meaning or purpose to their lives. They have no direction. Which is why they act like they have nothing to lose. Because they don't have anything to lose. They live sad and miserable lives with no meaning or purpose. And that is what separates you from them. It's what stops you from doing what they do. So be grateful for everything you have. Be thankful that you have a lot to lose. And then remember that you could lose it by engaging with narcissists. Because they have nothing to lose. Because they understand that their lives cannot get any worse. They're already at the bottom of the barrel.

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This is a well-written article, and one that brings peace of mind to the victims of NPD. Before reading this, my whole attitude after the ultimate discard was that of failure and major resentment. After reading I feel much better. Simply because I never knew these demons existed. And that their entire life is a sham. I’m struggling financially but anything is better than being around toxic waste. Thank you for bringing this to light.

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