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Is The Narcissist Trying To Help You?

In this post I'm going to be discussing a topic that isn't discussed often. I am going to be talking about the communal narcissist. Although this video may resonate with you, that does not mean that you are dealing with a communal narcissist. It could mean that the narcissist just shares some of the same traits. Whether you are dealing with a communal narcissist or not, you may recognise some of the behaviours that I am about to describe in the narcissist that you are dealing with.

The communal narcissist differs from other types of narcissists. They rely on communal means to satisfy their self-related needs. They play the role of a good Samaritan, of a compassionate person who unselfishly helps others, especially strangers. They manipulate people by displaying false characteristics that suggests they are supportive. This is how they gain people's trust, this is how they get people to believe in them, by acting supportive. As though they are devoted to a task or purpose, as though they are exclusively allocated and intended for a particular service or purpose. They display these fake feelings of being dedicated and loyal to a cause, activity or job. Especially if it is something that you might be interested in, or something that you might approve of.

But that is only to deceive you, that is only to take advantage of you. They are intentionally giving you a mistaken impression and causing you to believe something that is not true, in order to gain some personal advantage. They want you to see them as this good, helpful person, so that you will stop being cautious about potential trouble or danger. When secretly they are lacking consideration for you and they are only concerned with their own personal profit or pleasure. They are only concerned with putting themselves in a position where they can have power and control.

At first the narcissist will seem as though they are trying to assist you or comply with your request, it will seem as though they are in agreement with you. They will try very hard and use a lot of effort to prove their importance, worth or usefulness to you. To give you the image and impression that they are loyal and dedicated to a cause, activity or job and that they're always going to be there for you. But it isn't real or genuine, it's an illusion, it's a deceptive appearance and impression. They have planted false ideas and beliefs in your mind. They are giving you full support and encouragement, they are acting as though they are on your side. As though they will try very hard and use a lot of effort to ensure that you both achieve the desired aim or results. But in reality all they care about is themselves, all they care about is your approval and admiration, your validation of their false self and the illusion that they are trying to portray.

They want you to see them as something valuable or significant, it feeds their ego and makes them feel as though they are special or important and as though they are worth something. They put in a lot of effort and it seems like they are working with you to produce or create something and to show their loyalty or commitment. But as soon as they find a better opportunity, they will drop what they were working on with you as though they never wanted anything to do with it. They will leave and move on and that person who was supportive and allegiant and loyal and dedicated to a cause, activity or job suddenly disappears.

The narcissist is not loyal or dedicated to anyone or anything other than themselves. They might put the work in and give you the appearance or impression that they are loyal or dedicated to a cause, activity or job. But they are only serving their own interests, they only have concern for their own welfare and interests, before those of others. It's not about being motivated by a common issue or interest or working together to achieve a common objective. They are only interested in their own personal benefit or advantage, they are only interested in their own satisfaction and fulfillment. They are focused on regulating their own emotional state.

This is why they are so competitive. They are competitive because they are striving for a goal that cannot be shared. They want it all for themselves, so your gain is their loss, which is why they always have to have an advantage over you, they're always trying to be better than you. This is what motivates them to carry out these tasks or functions, but it only appears to be true or real until it is examined more closely. That is when you will see that it is not real or genuine, it is not sincere or well-intentioned, it's a forced display or an act.

When you observe the narcissist's dedication and commitment to a cause, activity or job, it can be very convincing. It can cause you to believe that it is true or real, but beneath their forced display of dedication and commitment, is their own personal benefit and advantage. t

They create the false appearance and impression that they are assisting you or complying with your requests, but that is nothing more than a scheme or trick that is intended to deceive you. It's just so that they can get what they want from you. They're only sticking around until they find a better opportunity. Their selfish desires and need for their own personal benefit or advantage will only destroy everything that you've created in the end.

The narcissist is not trying to help you or anyone else, it's a forced display, they're doing it to retain their respect and avoid humiliation. There is nothing real or genuine about any cause, activity or job that they are involved in. The first opportunity they get to take advantage of you and exploit you for their own benefit or gain, they will take it. Be cautious around people who are too kind or friendly or people who put in too much effort too soon, people who seem too eager to be around you. They are only interested in the attention and admiration, to feel like they are something significant or valuable. But they conceal their motives by giving you the appearance or impression of them being loyal or dedicated to the cause, activity or job. The narcissist is not trying to help you, they are just using you for their own needs.

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4 comentarios

I used to have a friend, a close friend, who turned out to be a communal narc. Its funny, I always knew she was fake and using me but our children were friends. At first I thought she was really supportive but she was actually data mining me, learning from me (as she had no empathy of her own!) and storing away gems of knowledge about me and my life to use against me in the future. She'd act like she was helping me by looking after my daughter but her motives were not genuine. She knew I'd feel obliged to return the favour and I'd end up with her daughter at my place for days so she and her…

Me gusta

Yes, my ex Narc used to help strangers, while ditching me for them. He did it to make himself look good, important, superior and a nice person. It fed his illusion and gave him supply. He would post about it on Facebook to look good.

Me gusta

Then how to identify a genuine person?

This narcissism, psychopathy, sociopathy, sadism....these are so confusing

There are many many people out there

Including my parents, family, relatives and even in narcissism surviving support groups

Workplace, online all

No safety

No privacy

What to do?


Can't do anything


That's why people betray each other

And Can't trust each other

Even what we see or hear !

Is there any way?




Can't stop


It's another source of abuse


Social medias

Not safe

Love relationships

Not safe


Even Sometimes Can't trust our own inner self

It's literally weird and annoying

Thanks for your support 🙏

Stay safe

Me gusta

Carol King
Carol King
08 may 2021

So true - it's an ego thing

Me gusta
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