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Is The Devil Using The Narcissist To Hurt You?

Narcissists are evil. They are immoral and wicked. They are morally bad, cruel and unpleasant. They are the opposite of good. So naturally, we might assume that they are possessed by the devil. We might assume that they have been sent here to hurt us. But I actually believe that God is using narcissists to empower us. To help us to learn and grow. To make us stronger. And this is something that I have experienced in my own life. There are times in my life where I have been manipulated and abused by narcissists. But I didn't let it define me. I got back up and became better than ever before. And it may be the same thing in your life.God may be using narcissists to strengthen and empower you. Because narcissists can force us to take action. They can force us to reassess the things that are meaningful to us. They can remind us of how lucky we are. They can remind us of the goodness in other people. They can teach us how we want to love.

So our bad experiences are just as important as our good experiences. There is a place for negativity in our lives. We need to have a contrast. There is no light without darkness. I believe that God uses narcissists to isolate us. Where there is no one to validate what we're going through. Because although validation can be good sometimes, it's best for us to validate ourselves. When there is no one around to validate you, it forces you to go within and self reflect.

It forces you to find your own inner strength and courage. By realising that you don't need anyone's permission to validate yourself. You can direct your own life. By not always putting your faith in other people. And instead, by putting your faith in God. Trusting God. Because although people may disappoint you, God will always be there for you. I don't believe that the devil is using the narcissist to hurt you. I believe that God is using the narcissist to turn you into the person that he needs you to be. But for you to become that person, you must go through the trials and tribulations. You must experience pain and suffering. You must validate yourself. Instead of seeking validation from external sources. You must feel like you can't depend on anyone other than yourself and God.

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