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Get Over A Narcissist In 10 MINUTES

Contrary to what people might believe. It is actually very easy to get over a narcissist. By realising a simple fact. Because many of you think the narcissist in your life is so special and important. You think they're something significant. You think they're powerful and attractive. They're so charming. But none of that actually matters in the grand scheme of things. Because in time they will be forgotten. People won't even remember their name. People won't even know that they existed. It is a common understanding that after two to three generations after our death. The majority of people are unlikely to remember that we ever existed. Because time passes and memories fade.People move on with their lives. Most people are completely forgotten, as if they never existed. Within around 100 years of their death. And this is actually the narcissist's greatest fear. To know that people will never even remember their name or what they looked like. To know that they will become a distant memory, until they're nothing at all. But this is how you can get over the narcissist. By realising that they're not so special afterall. Because in time, people won't know that they existed.

They will fade away into the darkness. But some people will not be forgotten. Some people will be remembered. Whether it's through their music or through their words. They will leave an impact on people. A strong effect and influence. By doing something different. By going against the grain. Rather doing the same things that everyone else is doing. Because by doing that, you will be quickly forgotten. But this is the reality of the world today. Everyone looks the same. Everyone has the same mannerisms and characteristics. There's nothing that makes them different. There's nothing that makes them stand out. So in time, they will all be forgotten. They won't be remembered. Which is why, when you leave this world... You need to go out with a bang. You need to depart in a grand and dramatic fashion. And you can do that by using your words or music. By using your imagination and creativity. By generating and recognising original ideas, alternatives and possibilities. That may be useful in solving problems, communicating and entertaining other people and yourself. Because it is your inventiveness and process of innovating that will leave a lasting effect on people. It will make people feel some type of way. But narcissists are not going to have that type of impact on anyone. Because they all look and dress exactly the same.

They all do the same things. There's nothing that sets them apart. There's nothing that makes them different. They do the exact same things that people have done before them. Which means that they will be forgotten. Even though it may seem like they are powerful and successful. They may only be impacting a small part of the world. It may just be in their own city or town. Which means that they will be forgotten soon after they pass away. Because they're not impacting the entire world. They're not impacting different countries. Which means that they're not going to leave a lasting effect. People will quickly forget about them. Because they didn't leave a footprint. Most of the world didn't even know that they were there. Because people don't typically remember the bullies or the perpertrators. They tend to remember the targets or victims. The oppressed. The people who were subjected to harsh and authoritarian treatment. Yet they became heroes or champions against all odds. But narcissists are all about themselves. So they're not going to leave a legacy. They're not going to impact their children. So in time, their culture and traditions will be long forgotten. They won't be remembered. The world won't even know that they were here. Which is their greatest fear. But there's not much they can do about it. Because they're short-term focused. They're not seeing the bigger picture. They're constantly in survival mode. So they're only thinking about what they can do or get right now. They're not concerned about the future until it's too late. Until they're laying on their deathbed.

Which is why they will soon be forgotten. They will fade away into the depths of time. While we're changing lives. While we're leaving an impact for generations to come. Because we have so many talents. So many positive traits that we have worked on. We have so much information to share. We have things that set us apart. We have these quirks and mannerisms. These things that make us different. These things that will cause us to be remembered. But narcissists... no. They won't be remembered by anyone. Because they all look the same. They all dress the same. And they all act the same. They all do exactly the same things. There's nothing that makes them stand out. Which is why my channel and other channels like mine are so popular. Because no matter where you are in the world, you will have the same experience if you're dealing with one. They will lovebomb you. They will devalue you. They will discard you. And then they may or may not come back with the hoover. So there's nothing memorable. They're not even worth remembering. Because there's nothing special or unusual about them. There's nothing that makes them different. There's nothing that sets them apart. They all do exactly the same things. While if you are their grade A source of supply, you are unforgettable. They will never forget you. Even long after you have forgotten them. Because you left an impact on them. You treated them differently than everyone else before you. And they're never going to forget that. It will play on their minds until the day they die. Especially if you progressed after you moved on. Then they definitely won't forget you. It will leave a lasting effect on them. But you will forget them.

As you focus on new things. As you focus on leaving an impact on the younger generation. As you meet new people. They will become a distant memory. And in time, you won't feel any desire to be involved with them again. But they will still be thinking about you. Because the odds are, that if you were targeted by a narcissist... There's no one else like you. But there's plenty of people like them. You can replace them very easily. There's always another one of them just around the corner. Who can help you to quickly forget about them. And to focus on something else. But they're not going to have that same experience with you. Because despite what they may have led you to believe... There is no one else like you. They just want you to think that, because they don't want you to think that you're special. But if you weren't special, they never would've targeted you. They wouldn't have stuck around for a very long time. But even if you only had a short-term experience with them... There's a reason for that as well. And it's because they already know they're not going to leave a lasting impression on you. They already know that there's nothing that sets them apart. And that you will soon forget about them and be on to something else. Because narcissists want to be remembered. Their greatest fears are to be abandoned and forgotten. Which is why they will typically target people who have nothing else going on in their lives. Which may have been you at some point in the past. Because they want to be around someone who will remember them. Rather than someone who will quickly forget about them.

So if they know they're not going to have that type of impact on you, they will try to replace you. But that doesn't mean that they're going to forget about you. Because you are very different. There's just certain things about you that make you stand out. It's the way you walk. The way you talk. The way you carry yourself. The way you perceive yourself. The way you just are who you are without any apologies. You don't care what other people think. You're just you. And you don't care if people accept you. You're just going to be you no matter what. And that is makes you stand out. Because most people are not like that. They're too afraid to be themselves. They're too worried about what other people might think. So they cower away. They hide themselves from the world. And by doing that, they will be quickly forgotten. People won't remember them. Because they have no fight left in them. They have no strength or courage to do what needs to be done. Instead, they lurk in the shadows, waiting for something to happen. Instead of taking action and creating their results. Which is why no one is going to remember them. Because they didn't take it upon themselves to leave an impact. They left it to chance. They didn't prepare or plan for it. Which is how it's so easy to predict how things are going to turn out for them. You don't need to watch or monitor them. You don't need to pull up their social media 10 years from now. Because you already know.

It's already able to be predicted, understood or controlled. They're not going to amount to anything. They're not going to leave an impact on this world. They're going to grow old. Their life is going to pass them by. And then they're going to be quickly forgotten. After they spent everyday doing the exact same things. Living in the same house or apartment. Going to the same job that they hate. Eating the same food. Talking to the same people. Just a feeble existence. Without meaning or purpose. Because they lacked strength of character. They lacked the will to fight for what they wanted out of life. But as for you, you can make a difference with your life. There's TikTok and YouTube. You can put out content. You can share information. Because people are seeking knowledge and awareness. People want to know. And that's the most important thing. Because people should want to know what you're doing. People should want to know what you're about. And when you leave this planet, you should have a legacy that you're leaving behind. You should have something that you offered to mankind. Recognise that you only have a certain amount of time on this planet. Your time is ticking. Time is running out. And you have to make a difference now before it's too late. By showing people that you have your own opinions and ideas. You have something that you've been thinking about for a long time. And if you don't. Then find something that you are passionate about.

Find something that you believe in. And share it with the world. Speak to me or other creators. Show people that you have a voice. Leave an impact on this world. Instead of just fading away and being forgotten. Because that is the end result for the narcissist that you were dealing with. And it is the end result for most people in this world. They're going to be forgotten. No one is going to remember them. No one is even going to know that they were here. It will be like they never even existed. Because they didn't take advantage of the time that they had left. They threw it away, because they didn't see the value in themselves. Or because they didn't have anything to give. Or because they didn't realise it until it was too late. Which is why now is the time to raise the vibrations on this planet. It is time for you to share your message with this world. Because even if somehow your message is forgotten. Your energy will be remembered for generations to come. It will be passed down to your children and your grandchildren. Your energy and ideas. Your way of life. Your value is not determined by what you accumulate in this life. It is determined by what you give. So give something everyday, like it's your last day on Earth. Share your message with the world. Let the world know that you were here.

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Lindsey Ray
Lindsey Ray

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