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Does The Narcissist Miss You Or Feel Regret?

Do they feel bad for what they did to you? Do they feel guilty? Do they have any remorse? Despite common belief, there is actually a small window where they do feel guilty. Where they do feel bad for their actions. But then they replace it with blame-shifting and deflection. They hold you responsible. So although they may experience some level of guilt, they're not experiencing it in a normal way. Because they always end up blaming you in the end. They become defensive. They become anxious to challenge or avoid criticism. They play the victim. And then they see it as though they to protect themselves from you. So now what they did becomes your fault. But do they miss you? Did you ever mean anything to them? Maybe at some point you did mean something to them. Maybe they did care about you. Maybe they did want to do things for you. But that was only for a short period of time. Because there's only a certain amount of time until something causes their narcissism to kick in.

Anything could set it off. And then you start to see who they really are. They don't talk to you much anymore. They're no longer affectionate. And then maybe the false character comes back again. But it's only for a short period of time. And then they will disappear again. But if you are the one who leaves them, then it will hurt them. It will bruise their ego. It will cause them to feel less important. And that pain will cause them to miss you. Which is why they will try to get you back. They will beg you. They will do anything you want. Because they know they did something wrong. They know exactly what they're doing. But there's just something inside of them that stops them from acting normally. And when their behaviour pushes you away, it makes them angry. And that is when they may begin to miss you. But it's not because they love you. It's not because they want to build a relationship with you. It's because you were easy for them to manipulate. And it's a lot of work for them to fool another person all over again. Because they spent a long time working on you. To condition you to their liking. To get you to tolerate their behaviour. So it's a lot easier for them to come back to you, than it is for them to start all over again with someone else. And that is the reason why they miss you. It's not because they feel bad for their actions. They suffer from arrested development. So they're like children in adult bodies. They can't see beyond themselves. So they're constantly in survival mode. They have unlimited wants and needs, but with limited resources. They have no sense of self. So they only see themselves. They don't miss you as a person. They just miss this idea of you inside their heads. They miss the things you did for them. Which is why they're not really sorry for what they did. Because they just see you as an object. So why would they feel bad? Why would they consider your pain?

They may regret losing you. But that's only because they can no longer use you. They don't feel bad for what they do to you. They will never miss you in the way that you may want them to miss you. They will never feel guilt in the way that we do. Which is why they will never try to make things right. Because they're not sorry. They can only feel it for themselves. They can only think about their own deficiencies. They cannot think about what you're deficient in. They can only think about their own pain. So they miss you as an object. They don't miss you as a person. They miss what you were doing for them. Which is why there's no recriprocation. It's why there's no equal exchange. They just take what you've got and then they leave. Which is why the best thing you can do is move on and forget about them.

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